Kodiak Investment Group, LLCA Real Estate Investment Company

1411193_inverewe_houseKodiak Investment Group, LLC is a multi service company who has the ability to buy, renovate, sell, and lease property.

We work with lenders to buy properties that they have foreclosed on, commonly known as REOs (Real Estate Owned).

Homeowners come to us who need to sell, but don’t want to wait six months to market and sell, repair, renovate, pay realtor commissions, or wait for an approved buyer.

We help senior homeowners who are tired of doing repairs and paying property taxes, but don’t want to move. We have a special program where we can take over and pay for all the home maintenance, property taxes, and insurance. You don’t ever have to move.

Our investors often get involved with the purchase of a property.


1209270_modern_interiorWe also work with all types of buyers and situations.

We have the flexibility to move a buyer into a house quickly before they complete the tedious loan application and encounter loan processing delays.

Other buyers need time to alleviate a shortage of down payment or may need time to solve credit issues.

After they move in, we work with lenders to get them “seasoned” so they can qualify for a new loan and then buy the property.

This gives us a pool of tenant buyers who make great customers and allow us to buy and sell very quickly.

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Sell your house to us — We will buy your house at a price that we both agree to.

Lease your house to us — We will lease your house while we find a buyer for your house.

Buy a home from us — Contact us and we will see if there is a house in our inventory that meets your needs. If not, we will put you on our buyer’s list and contact you when we find a house that matches your criteria.

Rent or Rent-to-Own a home — Rent a home from us! You may also choose to buy the house when you are ready with our Rent-to-Own program.

Invest with us –– you receive a steady rate of return, and your investment dollars are secured by real estate! By contrast, money that is invested in the stock market is not secured by anything. Ask us how you can even use your IRA to invest in real estate.